Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Profit hacks video reveals the 3 route causes that trap 95% of online business owners

Profit Hacks  promoter and strategic marketing genius Rich Schefren revealed in his previous video how the mind virus has run rampant in the land of on line marketing. In his second video video Rich reveals some simple questions to help you diagnose what's holding you back from profiting with your on line business.  Rich's insight pulls back the curtains on why the mind virus has spread and what you can do to make what is a world of complicated  internet marketing ,easier , profitable and more productive for you. Below I have a quick video review of the second video and also a link where you can see Rich's second video where he goes into more depth outlining the 3 route causes that trap 95% of on line business owners.

In riches second video he elaborates on some of the principles of  his report "The Profit Prophesy" and also introduces you to Australian Entrepreneur Pete Williams giving you a taste of what you can expect from Pete's teaching on how to get more done using little know yet effective profit hacks.

Click here to get Rich's Second Video

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