Friday, 16 November 2012

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Profit Hacks Live Stream 2 - LIVESTREAM] Give Pete 90 Minutes, He'll Show You How to ProfitHack Your Business

 Profit Hacks Live Stream 2 

If you are reading this....

I know you care about results.

You care about you spend your time. You care about
doing what's best for your business.

And like me...

You want to know that what you're doing will make
the biggest difference in your business.

That's why I want to invite you to Pete Williamslive online event at 6 pm EST TODAY.

Because Pete is going to walk you through his
blueprint to redesign your business... so you get
the biggest results for the least effort.

He calls this "Profit-Hacking" your business.

It's all about getting the biggest results for the
LEAST amount of work possible.

Everyone who has seen Pete walk through his
Profit Hack system has been blown away.

In fact, every time Pete shares this system, smart
people who use even just one of Pete's ideas have
seen results 24 hours later.

Now it's your turn. Join this livestream here.

Profit Hacks Video Reveals 5-Step Profit Hack Creation Formula For Business

In this Profit Hacks Video , Pete Williams  explains  how to hack every area of your 

What's a "Profit-Hacker?"

It's an entrepreneur who knows how to get
everything done for their business... FAST.

A Profit-Hacker understands how to...

*Create high-value content in minutes a day.

*Generate all the traffic they need easily.

*Tear through whole books at lightning speed.

*Become an author, without writing a word.

*Churn out blogs, videos and podcasts every week
without fail (even as a self-diagnosed procrastinator).

*Constantly build themselves up as an authority in
their marketplace by doing a single task each day.

*Set up a list, generate websites and do all other
technical jobs - without lifting a finger.

In short, a Profit-Hacker understands that to get
the success, money and freedom they desire...

You have to do things FAST.

So you can start earning more and working less
than you ever thought possible.

Pete Williams - the original "Profit-Hacker" -
created the system that makes this possible.

Get this Profit-Hacker system right now.

In today's training video, he'll introduce you
to his 5-step formula that lets you hack any area
of your business.

So you can...

*Create content fast.
*Syndicate content fast.
*Become an authority fast.
*Generate traffic fast.
*Earn profits fast.

Even better, you can do all that by ONLY focusing
on the things you enjoy doing the most.

You'll hear how to that in today's video.

This video was originally recorded live during a
private close-door discussion with Pete's clients.

But today, he's revealing this
never-before-released video to the world.

As as one of my subscribers, you get to see it
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Just watch this ProfitHacker training video now.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Get Profit Hacks | Work 90% Less and Make 3X More

 Get Profit Hacks... Here's Why

Imagine if you could do more for your business in just a few minutes... Than most entrepreneurs could do in a few weeks. That includes creating a dozen pieces of high-value content to market your business in less than 25 minutes a day... And posting that high-value content in every place online where your prospects might see it. Constantly driving traffic to your site... and building up your authority so customers want to find you and buy from you. Even better, you can get all this work done that adds to your bottom line... Without killing yourself to write blogs, create videos, or do any of the other "technical" jobs that take up so much of your time.

 In fact, you can do all this by focusing on the things you enjoy most - on what you love doing. Can you imagine how much faster your business would grow? How you could finally blast through whatever traps are holding you back in your business... And finally start living the life you want? Well it's FINALLY possible. Today, Australian entrepreneur, Pete Williams and "Guru to the Gurus," Rich Schefren will show you how. Click Here To Get The Video

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Profit Hacks LIve Stream Highlights by Pete Williams And Rich Schefren

Profit Hacks Live Stream Highlights. Get the condensed Version of how Pete Williams hacked his way to smash the challenge on last thursday's live stream. Pete usedhis tested and tried profit hacks and shortcuts. To complete  the following:

  • Create an Ebook 
  • Create a Pod Cast
  • Create Videos
  • Create Content 
  • Respond to multiple forum posts
  • Guest Blog
  • Syndicate Content across different platforms
  • Plus more 
Check out the video below now by clicking here:

See video below now by clicking here:

Friday, 9 November 2012

Pete Williams Profit Hacks His Way To Smash 6 Hour Challenge

Pete William's of Profit Hacks took on Rich Schefren's challenge to complete  the same amount of profitable work in what would normally take 2 weeks in 6 hours with a limited budget of  $400.00 dollars.

The results were amazing . Pete smashed the challenge completing in under the 6 hours and coming in with $65 dollars to spare.  Here's what was completed in under 6 hours.

  • Guest Blogging
  • Multiple Forum Posting
  • Product Creation - An E-book
  • Scribd Submission
  • Questions and Answers Videos
  • Press  Releases
  • Transcripts 
  • Pod casts
  • Content Creation and Syndication
The remarkable thing was that Pete explained the process as he was completing the tasks.

Below there is a video of last time Pete  took on the same challenge for Rich Schefren's clients you to look at.

To get access to the live stream and other great content please click below:

Get Profit Hacks Live Stream

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Profit Hacks Pete Williams 6HR Live Stream Challenge

Profit Hacks Pete Williams 6HR Live Stream Challenge. Watch as Profit Hacks Brain Child Pete Williams doe an Entire Week's Work in 6 Hours.Do you find you never have enough time to do much
of anything for your business?

That you're constantly spinning your wheels, always "doing" but never really making the money
you deserve from all that work? Do you go to bed at night thinking about all the
things you SHOULD have done for your business?

If so, then I urge you to attend this free live online event TOMORROW.

He'll show you how to...

*Turn 30 minutes of work into 9 different pieces
of valuable content.

*Become an established published author, without
writing a word (and sell your book within a week).

*Create an entire information product in 20
minutes. (And be selling it 2 days later.)

*"Hack" your email inbox so you never waste
another second sifting through email.

*Create high-quality, engaging blogs and guest
blogs (in your own voice) in under 15 minutes.

*Establish yourself as an authority by posting on
EVERY forum in your niche... in under 5 minutes.

And that's just to start.